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10 hot spots in China PLM

e-works is releasing the 10 hot sopts in China PLM for 2012.

1. Differentiation strategy prominent for PLM vendors
The PLM vendors' differentiation is increasing in both product strategy plan and acquiring new technologies. The four giants in PLM industry—Dassault Systems, PTC, Siemens, and Autodesk are keeping expanding in their dominant fields. Driving by the global differentiation strategy, PLM vendors adjusted their heads in China in the year of 2012, which reflects that they are hoping to break the tie of traditional industries and change the structure of it.

2. CAE core competence building needs engineering consulting services
As CAE technology is deepening its application in manufacturing enterprises, simulation departments are playing more and more important role in R&D organizations. Many enterprises are even equipped simulation department with simulating calculation resources which worth even tens of millions of yuan. However, good CAE software and hardware platform can’t guarantee a complete success because there are many problems that facing with simulation department in practice.
In order to effectively use the simulation software, more and more enterprises are introducing engineering consulting services to set up simulation core competence.

3. TDM leads to a new revolution
Testing is essential in product development, production, and maintenance. Testing in a long term are collecting large amount of testing data. While traditional data management cannot meet the needs of testing data. Enterprises are starting to build a platform to manage all the testing data and related information, TDM system. Although test data management has been aroused attention lately by Chinese enterprises its development and application is rapid.

4. Product configuration management becomes a focus of PLM deepening application
How to fast adapt to the changing market needs? How to cut the complex product development cycle to seize the market and reduce the costs? How to develop and produce customized products? As we know, many manufacturing enterprises are facing with such problems. If enterprises are hoping to mass customize to satisfy customer needs without increasing costs, then the product configuration management must be a core factor of this model.

5. The integration of system engineering and PLM application
An innovative product and service can determine a company's future value in a certain degree. Many companies are pursuing to transform ideas into products and profits from innovation, but many of them are failed to do the transformation. The main reasons are the lack of predicable evaluation and design and verify system in the early period of the transformation. The key of launching the new product into the market is the comprehensive and systematical verification of innovative concept.

6.3D design leading the way of deepening 3D application
CAD modeling technology has been through wire frame model, entity/surface modeling to the advanced synchronization technology and direct modeling nowadays. However, although 3D CAD is well-known in enterprises for many years and many of them are moved from 2D design to 3D application, the application status of 3D CAD is various. Some of them are simply use it for product modeling. 3D CAD model data has not been effectively used in process engineering and production. Therefore, the effective deepening use of 3D modeling should be the considered within the enterprises.

7. Embedded software will be the next focus of PLM
As more embedded software are integrated in the products of machinery, automotive, electronics, telecommunication industries, the development of embedded software is becoming an important part of the product development process. However, embedded software is independent of the products during the designing, simulation, and management. So it is urgent for some software blended manufacturing enterprises to realize both hardware and software product lifecycle development.

8. 3D digital technology a big concern
The maturation and evolution of 3D modeling has widen the application of 3D digital design in manufacturing enterprises. Manufacturers have realized that the digital design alone can't produce full value of the digital model as the deepening application of 3D CAD. Wide attention has been aroused on how to make design process 3D digitalized, intelligent, and synchronized based on the 3D product model in manufacturing enterprises.

9. Social community accelerates collaborative innovation
With the widespread of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Micro-blog and the maturation of the Web2.0 application in personal and enterprise computers, we are entering an era of socialization.
Social media have changed people’s use habit of software and internet and have influence on enterprise-level product development and design. Now mainstream PLM vendors have established their community solutions.

10. PLM system increasingly favored by formula industries
With the development and expansion of PLM's connotation and scope in last decades, its application has spread from discrete industry to process industry, especially those formula industries like foods, life science and pharmaceuticals, and apparel industry. They are thirsting for PLM systems to manage their recipes and processes.

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