September 21-23, 2005

SoftBrands’ portfolio of software, solutions, services and people are helping businesses successfully find balance in the 21st Century.

The world of manufacturing is changing.

Today’s global, web-based environment allows manufacturers unlimited ways to collaborate with customers and colleagues -- and conduct commerce with key partners -- without regard for location or distance.

That same environment is ushering in an era that will increasingly be driven by a global economy with?increased competition for U.S. manufacturers and other businesses.?

Challenges facing U.S. manufacturers today range from the cost of non-wage compensation, to the cost of materials, high energy prices and increased foreign competition. How can manufacturing companies respond to these challenges?? By increasing productivity, continuing to make needed capital investments, focusing on innovation, and devoting resources for research and development.?

U.S. manufacturers need to capitalize on every advantage to remain competitive.? Like Darwin said, it really is “survival of the fittest.” To not only survive but thrive, manufacturers must use technology to improve and control business processes and performance; maximize productivity, profitability and ROI; and rapidly respond to customer requirements. SoftBrands? is excited to work with manufacturers to achieve their goals, as the world of manufacturing continues to change.

Our goal at the conference is to help you learn more about the latest industry trends such as Services Oriented Architecture (SOA); optimize your use of SoftBrands? products; better respond to competitive pressures; and learn from your colleagues.

The SoftBrands? annual user conference will help you adapt your business to this changing environment, ensuring your continued success.? Last year we introduced the concepts and benefits of Business Process Management (BPM) and analysts such as AMR and Gartner Group see BPM as a key component to a SOA.? We will continue to expand our SOA vision and detail the role of current tools such as VisiBar, My Fourth Shift Work Place and FSTI within our delivery of SoftBrands? products.?

SoftBrands? user communities have an unmatched depth and breadth of experience with the issues you face. Creative users are adopting unique solutions to common problems facing the small- to mid-sized manufacturer. You will have opportunities to share in these solutions and to hear compelling new strategies we are developing to keep you competitive in the global manufacturing arena.

Join us in Florida and learn how to embrace 21st century manufacturing and the opportunities that will be created for manufacturing companies that thrive in this new environment.

SoftBrands’ portfolio of software, solutions, services and people are helping businesses successfully find balance in the 21st Century.

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