The 6th China (Guangzhou) International Machine Tools Exhibition

Since CRM theory has been put in practice successfully in GZIMTE2004, GZIMTE2005 will continue pay attention to exhibitors’ demand.

Since the economic circle of“greater Pearl River Delta 9+2” has already been built, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the two super engines, have been integrated, which imply that the whole “greater Pearl River Delta” must become the economic giant in the world. GZIMTE, No.3 in China, depending in Pearl River Delta-Global Manufacture Base. GZIMTE is also the unique international machine tools show in South China. It is known as its high level, perfect effect, subtle service; some of international exhibitors take GZIMTE into their global exhibition schedule as A degree. CCPIT recommends it due to its strong rapid development bringing about Chinese Machine Tools Industry and related industry.

GZIMTE started successfully in 2000, in the following years, we settle it in the second-half year every year. It’s the sixth session this year. Every year, Exhibitors come from Mainland China、Hong Kong、Taiwan、Germany、USA、Italy、Switzerland、Spain、British、Japan、Korea、India etc 17 countries and regions; visitors come from South-East Asia、occident、Middle-East etc 60 countries and regions.

China has become the No.1 consumer of machine tools in the world, which means that China is vital for the economic recovery of USA、Europe and Japan. There is the 20 billion RMB of huge demand market of equipment machinery industry with 10% rising speed year by year. First-half year in 2004, the total venue of import and export of Guangdong is No.1 in China, 1592.29 billion USD dollars; it’s the 30% of the venue of import and export of China. At present, enterprises investing by foreign capital and the companies of processing supplied materials and are over 80,000; the companies of external processing are near 30,000, those enterprises cover almost all of the industry. Guangdong’s huge demands become the strategic place that machine tools manufacturers want to obtain.

In the history of GZIMTE, there are lots of famous exhibitors, e.g. Shenyang Machine Tool、LG-Mazak;Spinner (Germany) 、Rottler (Germany) 、 St?ubli (Germany) 、Bahnmüller (Germany) 、 RILE (Germany) ;Sandvik (Sweden) 、 UVA(Sweden)、 LIDK?PING (Sweden) ;LTF (Italy) 、C.E.M.B. (Italy)、 Tauring (Italy);Fanuc(Japan)、Miyano(Japan)、Tsugami (Japan)、Daikin (Japan);ACL(USA);ABRO(India);KIHEUNG(Korea)、Samsan(Korea);Hisaka+SBC(Singapore);FEELER(Taiwan)、Chevalier(Taiwan)、EUMA(Taiwan)、Chin fong(Taiwan)、Hiwin(Taiwan);About GZIMTE2004, they feel very satisfied for over ten thousand professional buyers. Through the survey, we know that 92% of exhibitors have contacted respective target customers, expand the trade network by our GZIMTE; 82% of professional visitors think that GZIMTE is the important channel they can get the information of new technology and new product; 74% of professional visitors consider that GZIMTE has important effect on purchase decision.

Since CRM theory has been put in practice successfully in GZIMTE2004, GZIMTE2005 will continue pay attention to exhibitors’ demand. We will meet their demands by telephone, fax, email, website, direct mail, invitation, disc, visit, interview and so on. We will invite professional buyers depending on our titanic database (131,327) from Auto, Motorcycle, Mould, IT, Electronic Appliance, Hardware, Aviation, Spaceflight and so on. We will be full of content to serve exhibitors in order to share resources and develop together. And we will make efforts to reach the purpose that our GZIMTE could root in every attendee and be famous in the world step by step.

GZIMTE serves the domestic exhibitors and offers the super platform for overseas companies to entering the market in China. Now, there are eight consulates in Guangzhou would support us, and 18 agents in Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, Italy and so on, and some international associations and international exhibition institutes (such as Global Exhibition Alliance), by all sides’ efforts, we anticipate that the event will obtain 15,000 square meter area, 500 exhibitors.

General Information 
Date: July 18-21, 2005
Venue: Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center

Concrete opening time:
July 18-20 9:30am-17:00pm
July 21 9:30am-12:00am
Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center
Approved by:
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

The Sub—Council of Machinery Industry ,CCPIT
Machinery Industry Branch of China Chamber of International Commerce
Guangdong Machinery Industrial Quality Managing Association
Guangdong Zhenwei Guozhan Exhibition Co., Ltd

Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province
Guangzhou Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation

International Support:
German VDMA
German Bayern International
German AUMA

Organizer: Guangdong Zhenwei Guozhan Exhibition Co., Ltd

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