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ENlight Corporation Adopts PTC Windchill-R- as Project Management and Collaborative Design Platform

This Solution Enables Effective Distributed Product Development and Customer Collaboration.

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 3, 2005-- PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), the Product Development Company(TM), today announced that ENlight, one of the largest manufacturers for PC cases and LCD panel cases in the world, has deployed Windchill ProjectLink. ENlight is a longstanding customer of PTC and was the first company in Taiwan to use PTC's Pro/ENGINEER(R) as its design tool for standardized industrial design and institutional design. ENlight has since selected and deployed Windchill ProjectLink(TM) as its collaboration solution to enable synchronized engineering and improve efficiency and accuracy of information exchange among distributed product development teams, customers and partners.

The deputy chief engineer of ENlight's R&D department, Tai Chao-chi commented that establishing a division of labor across the Taiwan Strait is currently a key trend of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. ENlight's head office in Taiwan is responsible for designing advanced products, while its branches in China handle production, mode, engineering and design of mature products. This division of labor had generated an urgent need for collaboration. It was therefore imperative that ENlight select a collaborative project management solution that would reduce the company's reliance on travel, email and telephone calls to ensure its competitive edge.

To improve the effectiveness of their product development process, ENlight selected Windchill ProjectLink. Windchill ProjectLink is a collaborative project management solution that enables employees, partners, suppliers and customers to collaborate on the development of products. Windchill ProjectLink has solved ENlight's manpower management problem by enabling swift and flexible allocations of R&D staff across distributed design centers which has produced a considerable reduction in travel costs. Most importantly, the solution has significantly improved information exchange and accurate communications. At present, ENlight's branches and distributors in the US and Europe have all adopted the system to gain access to product and project information.

In addition to the project management features, Windchill ProjectLink has established a mechanism for information sharing, and designing work procedures and life cycles. Because of the ability of Windchill ProjectLink to deliver real-time information, ENlight's production sites now have better insight into and control of project progress. Additionally, Windchill ProjectLink offers a subscription feature that ENlight is using to inform new participants of all relevant project information. This has provided tremendous advantages in three areas: time-to-market improvement, increases in new R&D products and shortened information gathering timeframes.

Furthermore, ENlight plans to enable customers to access the system to enhance communications and improve service quality. Historically, customers were not able to access test information or view the progress of product development. However, through the Windchill ProjectLink Web-based interface, customers will be able to access any information that ENlight has designated. Also, the Web-based interface minimizes the limitations, inconveniences and security risks associated with using FTP.

PTC Pacific Rim Operations Vice President Steve Su said, "ENlight choose to adopt Windchill ProjectLink as a worldwide solution that is deployed not only in Taiwan and China, but also in Europe and the US. With the help of PTC Global Services, we have shortened ENlight's adoption and training timelines for Windchill ProjectLink. Windchill ProjectLink provides ENlight with a Web-based working environment that facilitates inter-department, inter-region and inter-business units collaboration."

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PTC solutions for electronics & high tech are designed to meet the product lifecycle management requirements of electronics manufacturers. These solutions include product development process and data management, electronic verification and collaboration, environmental regulatory compliance (RoHS, WEEE, etc.) and 3D mechanical design. PTC has over 3,000 high tech customers, including the top 30 electronics manufacturers across the globe.

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