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China's export of heating appliances to EU soars

China's export volume of electric heaters, electric blankets and other heating appliances has sharply risen so far this year, Yicai reported on Monday, quoting the China Household Electrical Appliances Association.

With the fermentation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the energy crisis in Europe is getting worse, taking tolls to industries and livelihoods. Many European countries have expedited their energy structural transformation and, at the mean time, launched energy saving campaigns among the public to address energy shortage.

According to the European Union's statistics bureau, as of July, the annual energy price inflation rate in EU was registered at 38.3 percent, with the price inflation rates of natural gas and electricity at 52.2 percent and 31.1 percent. Since August, energy prices have continued to rise. As per the data from the European Energy Exchange, the average price of the European electric system was 462.1 euros ($460.6) per megawatt hour, a six-fold increase since the start of the year. On August 26, the closing price of the Dutch TTF Gas Futures recorded 339.2 euros per megawatt, a five-fold increase since the start of the year.

China's export of products in markets including air conditioners, electric water heaters, electric heaters, electric blankets and electric hair driers have seen year-on-year increase this year, especially electric heaters, electric blankets as well as air source heat pumps. In the first seven months, the export of electric blankets to the EU rose 97 percent year-on-year. In the first half of the year, China's export of air source heat pumps to Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Spain rose by 614 percent, 373 percent, 198 percent and 71 percent respectively.

The China Household Electrical Appliances Association said all products enjoying sharp increases have temperature-adjustment functions, reflecting that European consumers are expending their purchasing of heating products for the coming winter.

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