Chinese cars shine at Cairo's Automech-Formula motor show

The 23rd Cairo international motor show, Automech-Formula 2016, kicked off Wednesday in Egypt with a notable participation of China's largest vehicle manufacturers.

Chinese corporations of Brilliance, BAIC, Chang'an, Chery and Jac have brought their recent range of models to the show which will last for six days in Cairo's Fairgrounds Center.

On the opening day, Chinese firm Brilliance Bavarian Auto presented three new cars to the Egyptian market.

The new V3 was the pearl of the Brilliance showroom. It is a new compact SUV with a surprisingly funky design that seems to work well. It's so far the most daring car Brilliance has ever made.

"We carefully study the Egyptian auto market and observe what the customer really needs, then we build our strategies on this basis ... we provide our customers with the best cars with very competitive prices," the director-general of Brilliance Bavarian Auto Group in Egypt, Khaled Saad, told Xinhua.

Saad said Brilliance enjoys great reliability and credibility among Egyptian customers, which makes Egypt the largest consumer of Brilliance cars in the Middle East.

"Customers' trust in Brilliance was not a coincidence. But we really care about every single detail in everything starting with safety features, to the payment facilities, and of course the after sales services the thing that set us apart in the automotive field since we began in 2006," Saad said.

Saad revealed that the corporation has plans to invest 120 million U.S. dollars in Egypt, of which $30 million has already been invested.

Chinese cars invaded the Egyptian auto market more than a decade ago and they have proved great reliability for their high quality as well as reasonable prices.

Automech-Formula 2016, the Cairo International Motor Show, is the premier and the most prestigious event for automotive industries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It was born with deep roots in the market based on accumulative experience history of 22 consecutive versions since 1994.

This year, Automech-Formula 2016 features more than 22 global models; as cars are on display in eight halls. The event witnessed large attendance, including car lovers and local businessmen and companies.

On Tuesday, China's leading auto maker, Chery International, announced re-launching of its Speranza cars under the new name of "Chery." The "Chery" will be assembled in Egypt in partnership with two leading Egyptian automobile corporations, Ghabbour Auto (GB) and Aboul Fotouh Automative (AFA).

Chery has sold over 30,000 Speranza models in Egypt since 2004 and has become the most popular Chinese car in Egypt in cooperation with Aboul Fotouh Automative.

With the new trilateral partnership, Chery decided to re-launch its assembled cars in Egypt under the company's name.

The GB is funding the re-launch which is worth hundreds of millions of Egyptian pounds for the Chery and AFA deal, and expects to sell 1,500 Chery vehicles a month, targeting an annual sales goal of 40,000 cars each year.

At its corner in the exhibition, the GB group displayed Chery's Tiggo and Speranza.

"We have shown Tiggo and Speranza ... let's say welcome back to these lovely cars that Egyptians love and trust," Shazly Mustafa, the GB's marketing director told Xinhua.

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