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Hisense Inverter AC Manufacturing Base Begins in the Yangtze River Delta

The manufacturing base in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, marks that Hisense Inverter AC will do more in the Yangtze River Delta and even the southern markets.

Mr. Tang Yeguo, general manager of the Hisense Air-Conditioner Co., Ltd., announced on May 8 that Hisense (Zhejiang) Air-Conditioner Co., Ltd., located in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, is commencing production.

Introduced by Mr. Tang Yeguo, since last year, the market demands for Inverter AC have been increasing rapidly. Hisense Inverter AC takes half the portion of the domestic market share in China. However, the original producing capacity is unable to satisfy the rapid increase of the demands in the markets. Hisense has to set up a new manufacturing base. Meanwhile, the economic development in the Yangtze River Delta has been accelerating recently and the area demands a large scale of the Inverter ACs. The establishment of the new manufacturing base is meant to master the commanding point in strategy.

In the recent two years, the situation of the electricity shortage has become more and more serious. Saving energy is becoming a major topic. Analyzed by experts, the spreading and application of Inverter AC can save RMB80 billion annually.

Hisense is the inverter and the forerunner in the Inverter AC fields in China. It is now the only company that has completely mastered the core controlling technology of the Inverter AC in China. By means of the advantages in technology, cost and scale, Hisense started the revolution of the spreading of inverter technology and rose the Chinese market share of the Inverter AC from 0 to 8%. Then Hisense has become the real ''Inverter AC'' expert.

Hisense is always the forerunner in the spreading of Inverter AC as well as in the application of the technology of it. It is known that all the EERs (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of the series of 3H Inverter ACs, which were put into the markets in March 2005, are above 3.9 and below 7.01. These EERs are two or three times higher than that of the ordinary air-conditioners. The series have found good grace in the customers' eyes and fallen short of demands as soon as they were put in the markets. During the holidays around Labor Day, the sale of Hisense Inverter ACs has exceeded 100,000 sets, which becomes the highlight of the Inverter AC markets. Introduced by the professional dealers, Hisense Inverter AC is preferred by the consumers because of the good reputation of the brand and the good quality of the products, especially the effect of saving energy.

Hisense' location of the new manufacturing base is not the same as the ordinary increase in scale. It will make use of the Inverter AC technology, adapt to the rapid changing situation of the Inverter AC market, spread the technology, satisfy the market demands, and liquidise the idle funds.

Mr. Tang Yeguo thinks that Hisense has completely mastered the core technology of the Inverter AC. The market share has already exceeded 60% by now and there will be a tremendous increasing space of Hisense Inverter AC as the whole scale of the Inverter AC is becoming larger. The manufacturing base in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, marks that Hisense Inverter AC will do more in the Yangtze River Delta and even the southern markets. Further, he believes that the new base in the Yangtze Delta will provide better conditions for the accomplishment of the aim of three million sets of Inverter ACs both in sale and production this year.

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